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Skilled and experienced Cloud Engineer with 9 years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing complex Cloud solutions. Proven ability to lead and mentor teams, as well as work independently. Expertise in a wide range of DevOps technologies, including AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Ansible, and Jenkins.

I am seeking a challenging position as a DevOps/Cloud Engineer where I can use my skills and experience to make a significant contribution to a team. I am a highly motivated and results-oriented individual with a passion for automation on the cloud and agile methodologies. I am confident that I can make a positive impact on your organization.


  • Graduate: Analysis and Systems Development at UNIGRAN, University Center of Grande Dourados, Campo Grande-MS - Brazil - 2010,
  • Postgraduate: Information Security Management, Lato Sensu at UNIDERP, University Anhanguera, Campo Grande-MS - Brazil - 2012,
  • International Certifications:
    • EXIN - Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27001 - 2012,
    • Scrum Alliance - Certified ScrumMaster - 2018.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: Python, Bash, Groovy, Ruby.
  • Software Engineer tools: Chef-Engine, Salt-Stack, Jenkins (DSL and Pipeline Shared Library), Terraform.
  • Automating Deployment: Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift (3.11, 4.11), Nexus, Artifactory, Sonar, GitHub Actions, Automating AWS with Lambda Python and Boto3.
  • Cloud provider: Google Cloud Engine, Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure.
  • Monitoring tools: New relic, Zabbix, Nagios, NagVis, Google StackDrive, AWS Cloud Watch, Grafana, Prometheus.
  • Linux administrator: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Redhat
  • Security Infrastructure: Vulnerability analysis, Hardening Server and Network.
  • Agile Methodology: Scrum, Kanban

Language Skills

  • English: Intermediate
  • Portuguese: Native


  • Latest: Kuehne-Nagel, I’m working as the sole DevOps engineer on the development team of a new project where we are responsible for the global portal and external applications using Java and JavaScript as the main coding languages. I started this project from scratch, configuring the first stages of the compilation until the first Deploy. Currently we have all steps of the process automated using the following list of tools: Jenkins Pipeline (using shared library) and Terraform and Kubernetes, Python and Groovy. 09-2019-Present - Tallinn Estonia.

  • Previous: Daitan Group, Working as a DevOps Engineer in an international project for a client located in Silicon Valley named Symphony, I was part of a team where the main activities were related to DevOps, QA, and CICD, in general, our tasks were related to cloud infrastructure resources. These are the main technologies I have worked on that time: AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins (Pipeline and DSL), Python, Groovy, Shell Script, Git, Github, to manage the tasks we used Scrum methodology, I also had the opportunity to work as Scrum Master, 07/2017 - 08-2019 - Campinas Brasil.

  • Previous: Tecsinapse, I worked as a member of the DevOps Engineer team, our main responsibilities were related to task automation for Java and Mobile application, in CI/CD process, working with Jenkins, DSL language (Groovy), Chef-Engine as Configuration Manager, we were 100% focused on AWS Cloud Infrastructure, 11/2015 - 07/2017 - Campo Grande - Brazil.

  • Previous: Brazilian Army - 6º Center of Telematic and Command military area, I worked as Linux SysAdmin to manage the web and database servers, on development side I worked with PHP and shell script. I used the VMware and XenServer solution to create and update virtual hosts on the private cloud. On information security layer I worked with a specific team to execute analyze the vulnerability and hardening servers, using OWASP Secure Coding Best Practices. 05-09 - 11-2015 - Campo Grande Brazil.

alt Anselmo’s CV ready to print